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OmegaFi Coronavirus Update

Update as of: May 14, 2020

During this time of great uncertainty, OmegaFi continues to be open for business. Despite campus closings, fraternities and sororities continue to operate. Outlined below are some of the steps we are taking to manage and support you during this challenging time.

Software You Can Count On

Our software functions in the cloud and operates like normal. For years, we have invested heavily in security, disaster recovery and business continuity technology and protocols. We routinely practice these scenarios. The apps you use every day will continue to be available to you.

In addition, the apps you use every day contain many features and tools to make operating and advising a fraternal organization easier while colleges are closed and group gatherings are cancelled. Below are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Students, parents and others should make a payment electronically through the myOmegaFi app, your headquarters’ private member portal, at omegafi.com or through your organization’s online giving page whenever possible.
  • Rather than mail an invoice to OmegaFi to be paid, photograph or scan it and upload it to Vault.
  • Use the mass communication features in Compass, Vault and OmegaOne to communicate with and engage your membership.
  • Polling options in both OmegaOne and myOmegaFi allow you to vote on important issues.
  • The Resource Center in myOmegaFi and the OmegaOne HCS and Files section both provide excellent opportunities for organizations to share documents and materials while everyone is away from school.
  • Visit this blog for even more tools available to OmegaOne users.
  • Mobile apps for Compass, OmegaOne, myOmegaFi and Vault are available to make managing activities easier on your phone. Download from the Google Play and Apple App Store.

We are Here to Help

There are more than 120 employees working at OmegaFi. We are doing everything we can to protect their health and safety. Effective Monday, March 16, 2020, most OmegaFi employees began working from home. All payment and mail processing will continue to be managed in our office according to our strict compliance requirements and practices. While our teams are ready and able to function remotely, response time may be delayed, especially via telephone, as things continue to evolve. The most effective way for you to reach OmegaFi is to email or text your designated contact person or send an email to info@omegafi.com. You can also visit omegafi.com/support for additional support-related questions.


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