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During this time of great uncertainty, OmegaFi continues to be open for business. Compiled below are resources to help you manage and support your chapter and organization during this challenging time. Should you require additional assistance or have questions regarding OmegaFi services please reach to OmegaFi by emailing or texting your designated contact person or send an email to info@omegafi.com. You can also visit omegafi.com/support for additional support-related questions. Check this page frequently as we will continue add helpful resources as they are made available. 

Blogs & Webinars 

BLOG written by OmegaFi - Four Ways OmegaOne Can Help Your Chapter Operate Off-Campus

WEBINAR hosted by The NIC - Staying in Touch and Navigating Remote Community Operations

WEBINAR hosted by MJ Sorority - Covid 19 Response

WEBINAR hosted by Pennington & Company and with Dr. Amy Cirbus of Talkspace - Crisis on Campus: College Students and Mental Health

      Follow up resources: 6 Tips to Get You Through Tough Times & Crisis on Campus Resources

Helpful Links & Resources 

Covid 19 Guides and Resources provided by The NIC

    Including a Think Tank episode featuring: OmegaFi CEO, Fred Maglione - Financial Operations Discussion

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources provided by SBA

Various Resources provided by MJ Sorority 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for Panhellenics provided by The NPC

Officer and Chairman Weekly To Do List

Build a Budget from Scratch 

SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loans & Loan Advance Program

Paycheck Protection Program 

For Fun

How to add filters to your video chat via Snap Camera


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