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Welcome, Delta Delta Delta Member!

If you’ve ever gotten frustrated with sending a million Facebook messages to chapter members or losing a sign-up sheet that got passed around a crowded room, OmegaOne (formerly GINsystem) is the solution. If you’ve ever wished you could access chapter info from your phone or wanted a cool website for your group, OmegaOne can help with that too!

What OmegaOne Will Offer:

  • A personalized wall 
  • Ability to pay your chapter bill
  • Mass text and email
  • Emergency check-in
  • Points and study hours tracking
  • Create, sign and collect contracts and waivers
  • Event management 
  • Order chapter merchandise
  • and so much more!


With Delta Delta Delta’s OmegaOne partnership, your chapter will have a compelling online presence with a website that highlights Tri Delta, which your chapter can customize to fit its needs. The sites are mobile-friendly and a great way to promote your chapter to the community. And they’re easy to update with no special knowledge! Add pages, files, videos, and more—it’s easy!



OmegaOne (Members-Only)

Delta Delta Delta chapters each have a members-only OmegaOne that has everything the chapter needs to communicate and connect, all in one place. You can log in to your chapter’s OmegaOne right from your chapter website or your mobile phone. Every member has a unique username and password to log in to her chapter’s secure system. 


Delta Delta Delta's partnership with GINsystem now lives inside of OmegaOne - providing the members-only access through the new OmegaOne application and a public chapter website for each collegiate chapter!


Questions? Contact us!


Learn more about OmegaOne!

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