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Interested in learning more about OmegaOne? Give it a try and the first month is on us! 

OmegaOne is the latest and greatest to hit the fraternal scene. Embedded with  OmegaFi's suite of services, OmegaOne gives the user a hub to manage chapter operations. Your chapter will use OmegaOne for a month free of charge. All we ask in return is your honest feedback about your experience. 

OmegaOne features:
  • A personalized wall 
  • Ability to pay your chapter bill
  • Mass text and email
  • Emergency check-in
  • Points and study hours tracking
  • Create, sign and collect contracts and waivers
  • Event management 
  • Order chapter merchandise
  • and so much more!
Take a sneak peek at the OmegaOne mobile app: 

 OO Study HoursOO Nav




OO billing OO cal

Learn More

Are you on national staff? Fill out the form on this page to set up a chat about how OmegaOne will benefit your Chapter's!


omegafi.com | 800.276.6342 | @omegafi

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