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Isn’t Higher Education Already “Hybrid”?



“New normal,” “Hybrid,” “Zoom Fatigue." Many workplaces will be different in the future.  Will higher education follow suit? What will college student life look like? If students are only in class 15 hours a week anyway, will colleges just become virtual? This program will offer lessons learned by higher ed during the pandemic, changes already occurring to deal with the financial squeeze colleges are facing, and insights into how fraternities and sororities may structure their own outreach differently in the future. 

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About The Presenters

DWiese-CircleA strategist, researcher, and litigation/defense expert, Dr. Dawn Wiese has spent 30 years working in higher education with a particular interest in advocating for the fraternal experience on campuses. Dr. Wiese has presented extensively and published more than 20 articles or chapters on topics ranging from fraternity and sorority life to Title IX to alcohol and other drugs in higher education.  A former vice president for student affairs and founder of the management consulting firm, Plaid, Dr. Wiese completed her bachelor's and master’s degrees at Virginia Tech, her PhD at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and is a member of Tri Delta Fraternity. Dr. Wiese is a recipient of the Award for Fraternal Excellence from the Fraternity Executives Association (FEA), its highest award given to a non-executive of a fraternity or sorority headquarters. In addition to her professional work, Dr. Wiese serves as Chair of Girl Scouts Virginia Skyline Council, Board member/Secretary of Yellow Brick Road Early Learning Center in Lexington, Virginia, Co-Chair for Kenyon College Parents’ Council, a member of the Board of Directors for Virginia’s Lewis & Clark Legacy Trail (representing Rockbridge County, Virginia), and has worked on both presidential and gubernatorial campaigns in higher education policy.  Most importantly, Dr. Wiese describes herself as devoted to her husband, Larry (Kappa Alpha Order), and to her daughter, Jillian (Alpha Sigma Tau), a rising senior at Kenyon College. 

Watch the Recording