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What is ICS?

ICS (Interactive Collegiate Solutions) has been successfully providing Greek recruitment solutions to universities for over ten years. From our original customer base, to new customers signing up, our commitment to your satisfaction is our priority. Due to the quality and stability of our software, superior support during critical operating periods, and dedication of our staff listening to new functionality ideas, ICS is the preferred choice for Greek recruitment.

What does ICS do? 

ICS recruitment tools provide seamless software solutions for both the fraternity and sorority recruitment process. Our goal is to help Chapters and PNMs find the perfect match. 

What are the benefits? 




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Greek Councils

Greek Councils

ICS provides members of NPC, IFC and Greek life professionals the ability to effortlessly and efficiently manage recruitment.  

  • Streamline the formal and informal recruitment process. 
  • Manage a database of recruits. 
  • Process member registration payments. 
  • Easily set guidelines/restrictions for specific members via unique login information. 
  • Automatically run the grouping and sorting process. 



Recruitment is one of the most important functions related to a chapters growth. ICS is dedicated to helping chapters reach membership goals. 

  • Password protected logins for Chapters and Recruitment Counselors. 
  • Easily manage the selection process daily online. 
  • Comprehensive daily reports to keep your chapter on track. 
  • Set guidelines for chapters through Council/Admin access features. 



Making the decision to join a Greek organization is easy. The process to become a member should be just as easy. ICS is here to help you along your journey to lifelong sister/brotherhood. 

  • Assist PNMs in selecting a chapter that best fits their values. 
  • Easily update your member information securely online. 
  • Access PNM selection via the mobile app or online. 



We would love to hear from you! 

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